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Cream Of Chicken Soup Nutrition Label

It goes without saying that to replace cream of chicken soup youll want to look for a can in the gluten free aisle or with a gluten free label.

Cream of chicken soup nutrition label. This creamy green chile soup is pure comfort food in a bowl. Green chicken chile soup. Were opting to use cashew cream to make this soup creamy without any cheese or dairy and it really brightens the whole thing up. Easy one pan chicken and rice recipe.

But dont sabotage the low fat theme by serving traditional bread rolls to dip into the soup or croutons sprinkled on top. The chicken soup buy special or make your own. This creamy chicken and rice is one of those recipes that the whole family can agree on. Even if you plan to serve this soup as a stand alone dish every creamy dish needs a little crunchy flavor contrast.

If you dont have access to gluten free soup options you can make your own. Instead choose healthy low carb low fat sides.